Putting Clients' History and Folders In Their Hands

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Ernie Ofori Nov 15, 2020
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It is still a hard combination to have a number of health departments doing things the manual way and a bit of digital. It sucks for me as a client…

Why go side ways when you can find and deploy a perfect fit?.

The manual way of handing documents and medical records does not only consumes clients and the health professionals precious time, but expose the space constraints,and lack of privcy at some of the these health facilities. No, one may bet that the problem actually exist at all health facilities in Ghana and elsewehere in developing countries. This is said based on the evidence found at the highest and lowest health facilities in Ghana. Don’t be surprised to see these challenges at Korle-bu Teaching Hospital, Police Hospital, Tema General, Manhean health center, Ashaiman Polyclinic, Amasaman, Ussher Clinic, La Polyclinic, LEKMA hospital, Mamprobi among other health centers closer to you in Ghana and elsewhere in Africa.

Consider the folders systems for instance, at most fevers units or ART units. One will realize that, the issue of keeping folders on the floor, on chairs and around windows will come up among the top 2 challenges of the units. Once it rains the folders gets wet or are kept haphazardly due to lack of space or enough cabinets. Where a few cabinets are existing there are full and more clients are likely to be admitted today or tomorrow. How can we deal with some of these problems?

The solutions seems not too far, looking at what Nuriflex has done with the NFC card deployment. A tried and tested solution which offers varied options for users and maintaining confidentiality and security of clients data. The NFCs will not only eliminate the space problem, but will also help reduce time spent at health facilities and clients referral made simple - having ones medical history on the go for remote treatment and consulting!

Nuriflex is a nutshell of digital transition and cashless systems.