Your company is not bulletproof

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Ernie Ofori Aug 05, 2020
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No matter how old you or your company is, it isn’t bulletproof to the digital transition. You will be hit. Very hard. Many of the reluctant companies don’t collapse, they commit suicide. Why? Because they cannot compete and nobody likes them. Not even the retired.

Operating the manual way for years isn’t a guarantee that you will keep those customers and even attract more if you don’t go digital.

Customers as we all are, want things done faster, quicker, better and according to emerging standards. These demands cannot often be achieved by the same old trick - manual type writing, reporting, analyzing, and face-to-face with customers. No website. No Graphic designing. No automation. No application (app). No interactive web. No robotics. No analytics. No Internet of Things (IoT). The truth is, you can’t stay that old way and expect to be winning in a digital and competitive period.

Why keep signing in a note book, and writing attendance sheet. Wasting papers and toner, when that can actually be customized.

Why would your staff burn fuel to the field, almost every day, week, month, or quarter? While you can send drones. Or yet still monitor field activities live from a dashboard at your comfort from an office.

You carry cash, and get exposed to robbery. Why not look at using e-wallet. Yet this old ways are still practiced by many individuals and corporate institutions daily.

You cannot get an updates without calling on a staff or subordinate. You are doomed tracing an epidemic or issue because your systems are not automated. I hope you now understand, why Nuriflex Labs is all over the place. They say manual companies are not bulletproof. And now many companies buy into that.

I have never met such a generous Ghanaian company that would offer such a high quality service at affordable rates.

Right from stepping out of your house to leaving the office, Nuriflex Labs automates everything. And that is what start-ups and aspiring economies needs to compete on global scale. ||