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Ernie Ofori Jun 28, 2020
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Nuriflex Labs is the technology development lab for Nuriflex Inc.

The Nuriflex lab is led by one of our astute lead - Mr. Ernie Ofori Yirenkyi, a seasoned Automation Engineer.

The Nuriflex team is positioned in the Information Communication Technology industry as high ranking unit with vibrant and up-to-date individuals that does little yet very significant things that is taking the whole earth in a digital swing.

At Nuriflex lab, it all action and fun!

We merely don’t love to code and sit down waiting till thy kingdom come. We solve real life problems when we make a click or code. These awakening brought by the Nuriflex team makes us if not the best for client, the most feared team hitting the digital competitors.

The bad news is that, we should have been called “TEAY“. You can guess what that means… “The Earth And You”. It might need no interpretation since even with the Nuriflex brand we are all working for you, making each individual a better person, a better corporate, and a better society with ease.

The surprising things that makes us stand out is that Nuriflex Lab seems to have people all over the world working together. Don’t worry, it simply means we understand your need and will work with you 24/7 to ensure you are one hundred percent satisfied.

Everyday at every second, minute, and hour we are continuously linking the needs of people and consumers to the digital environment. And before you think of something, we are there with it already.

Talk about medicals, government, finance, everything corporate, and communities transformation and bonding then you don’t have to by-pass Nuriflex labs.