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Ernie Ofori Jun 28, 2020
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Nuriflex lab does development, deployment and provide support services

  1. Medical Systems - Clients test alert, education, visual consultation, client folders digitization, smart ID cards for staff and clients (tracking treatment history), website, etc

  2. Government Services Automation - Digital Revenue Collection platforms, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Building Permit online Application and tracking, Purchase of Parking Tickets Online, Government-Citizens interactive platforms, smart projects tracking and reporting to donors, Visual classrooms for school, websites, automated barriers, automated transport systems etc

  3. Financial Technology - Core banking application, Remittance systems, Customers Banking and susu alert systems, Wallet for Automated banking, loans assessment, website etc

  4. Corporate - Smart staff ID Cards and login system, Marketing and branding platforms, Products testing and customers satisfaction apps, tracking products and shippings, incidents coverage, reporting and alert systems, website etc

  5. Non-State Organizations - Communities/ beneficiaries digital profiling, map development, staff smart ID cards, website etc

Nuriflex Labs 6 Years Digital Anticipation

Change is unending. And with Nuriflex Labs change is to be expected daily with upgrade in each case. Communities and the corporate world are all to be prepared. Don’t say we didn’t inform YOU!

At Nuriflex Labs we have foresight into how the next 6 years will look like. It may not be exactly the same, but it will also not be far from that. We hope you stay glued to it, and review each year transformation by December ending.

Let’s start.


Nuriflex Labs comes in full contemporary habits of coding and designing. Our ambitions is to automate every street and community in Africa. In the past, IoT have often been faced with some resistance. But some individuals have also met us with shock and amazement looking at what we do, it captured their interest.

Nuriflex next appearance will be on a global race and soft coding to promulgate universal joy and easy way of doing things.


We will bring all coders under one logo and the original banner of creating a complete cashless system in Africa and beyond. The Nuriflex Lab will hit big, making every programmer and engineer a gossip. By mid-year Nuriflex will be a front page in newspapers and entire media, chasing out paper works and cash currency. We will have fundraisers in government and corporate world making Nuriflex a bingo.

So many people will turn to Nuriflex Lab and we will be there to code and consult with you. Everything will move to one side – cashless and digital system. This will mark one of the largest coders and programmers impact on communities and people everywhere.


Nuriflex Lab will continue to raise digital standards. Nuriflex Labs will give donations and tokens to the less privileged communities and Non-Governmental Organizations (in the IT field). Nuriflex Labs and our partners will implement digital projects for less privilege communities leading to holistic transformation.


Nuriflex Labs automated systems will spread at a fast rate. We will not be shocked our systems will be well received on one hand and critiqued by some resisting groups and local governments / councils – yet success will be inevitable. We will build on critiques to make a better sale. Systems designed and deployed will be well paid for, in part by government and the sale of Nuriflex lab systems.

Nuriflex Labs marketing team will push resisting political envelope. Communities, consumers and the citizenry will win.


Nuriflex Labs coders and programmers will fight for lives of countries and community. Political choices and decisions will be all automated. Everyone will love nuriflex labs. All humans will be well and good under high digital medical system. World health care professionals will be on the nuriflex labs.

It will not be bad for medicals and sciences to do more through scaled IoT.


Climate issues will be under full control with IoT. But listen, many interesting things will happen through Nuriflex Labs which are not to be said here.